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Christmas in Ushuaia - Argentina

Christmas Tree in Ushuaia
Beschreibung Christmas in Ushuaia - Argentina
Ushuaia calls itself the end of the world, el fin del mundo. Many tourists believe so and it gets very crowded. Especially over Christmas and New Year. At this time the city is also at the upper end of the price scala. As the trips to the Antartica. In the meantime they ask for more than 3000 US$.

Said all that, I guess for every Panamerica Traveller this is a place to be, either as official end or start. Good luck that the town has a bit more to offer than the slogan, el fin del mundo. Behind all the tourists and the shops will you find a few nice hikes. The Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuege is close by too as many estancias are. Take your time to explore the area around the Estancia Harberton. Free camping in an amazing scenery. Check out Estancia Harberton
Tourist info in town at San Martin
Nearly as far as one can get on route 3 in the south of Tierra del Fueago
many places in town, awesome camping above the city: www.lapistadelandino.com.ar
many shops in Ushuaia
many in Ushuaia
Case de guia: www.companiadeguias.com.ar
many other offices in town
many in town, some offer WiFi
Parques Nacionales: www.parquesnacionales.gov.ar
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Bilder Christmas in Ushuaia - Argentina