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The Floating Islands of Uros - Peru

Living on a floating Island, the Uros.
Beschreibung The Floating Islands of Uros - Peru
There is nothing alike on Pachamama! The Uros live on their selfmade floating islands. All the use are reeds. Not only to they use it for buidling their islands, they also use it for building their traditional boats, the artisania and last but not least they also eat it.

The only way to get there is by boat. A good place is Puno where you can get a return trip for 10 Soles. Careful, they try to rip you off! Try to get the first boat at 6 a.m.. It gets very crowded already around 7 a.m..
about boats at the port of Puno, about the islands on them
The Uros are about 40 minutes away from Puno by boat
Many places in Puno, overnight parking at the cochera just at the port
All over Puno
All over Puno
many places in Puno
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Bilder The Floating Islands of Uros - Peru