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Tigre - Argentina

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Beschreibung Tigre - Argentina
Tigre, a town about 1 hour from Buenos Aires was hour home during the time in Buenos Aires. Thanks a lot to the Club Suizo for their hospitality. Tigre itself is a peaceful town during midweek. Mayn nice restaurants, awesome bakery and many places to relax along the rivers. This all changes on the weekends!y

Tigre is a weekend hang around place for the people from Buenos Aires. There is par like Disney or Magic Mountain, the river delta is a nice place to go to as well. And, last but not least there is the Mercado de Frutos. Fruits are still sold but artesania is much more important our days. If you are looking for a souvenir or a present. This is the place to go. A lot to choose from and the prices are for the locals.
info center just at the Mc Donalds
many places in town
many shops
many possibilities
many in town
Weitere Informationen
Main Info: www.turismo.gov.ar
Tigre: www.tigre.gov.ar
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