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Chilean Tierra del Fuego - Chile

Tierra del Fuego and sheep is like ....
Beschreibung Chilean Tierra del Fuego - Chile
The Chilean parto of Tierra del Fuego is remote. Only about 6000 people live their. I do not wanna know how many sheep. So you can count on being alone, seeing nothing else than rabbits, foxes, guanacos, cows, birds and last but not least sheep.

The countryside is flat, pampa like in the north or the island. The further south you get the more hills, even mountains. The weather seems to be worse further south as well. Eitherway, there are many places where you can camp. Sometimes there are signs not to do so, please respect those. Do not forget to take with you your garbage.
guide book and or maps
only reachable by ferry from Punta Arenas or Punta Delgada, last one is easier and chaeper
easy to camp wild
best to bring food from the mainland or Argentina
some along the road
maybe Porvenir
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