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Monolyth of Saywite - Peru

The Templo del Sol of Saywite.
Beschreibung Monolyth of Saywite - Peru
The granite Monolyth of Saywite is unique in the kingdom of the Incas. It shows a part of the kingdom from the coast over the Andes to the Oriente. About 203 figures including animals like the Puma, Condor, Monkeys and others are shown. Important places like Machu Picchu, Choquequirao, Pisac and others are symbolized as well. One part of the rock is still a mistery. Maybe it holds a secret of a not discovered place.
A little museum will be build in the future, for now the guy that charges the entrance fee knows a lot
Saywite lies on the road between Abancay and Cusco about 45km away from Abancay, a good road sign
The villages around have places
Abancay or Cusco
along the road
Abancay or Cusco
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Bilder Monolyth of Saywite - Peru