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Reserva Nacional de Paracas - Peru

Paradise for Birds, the Reserva Nacional de Paracas
Beschreibung Reserva Nacional de Paracas - Peru
The Reserva Nacional de Paracas is often called the poor mans Galapagos. However, nothing is poor in the reserva. In fact the area is the most important area for birds and marine life in Peru. One can count on seeing thousands of bird fishing. You will also most likely see see lions and penguins. However, the last El Nino in 1997 to 98 hit the marine life hard. The water got way to warm and the whole food chain broke since there was not enough plankton.

Besides the marine life is the landscape very nice too. The Reserva is one of the driest spots on the planet. The coast is wild and the colors are amazing. Furthermore are there a view ancient ruins. Very Interesting as well!
Nice Museum in the Park and a little brochure with a map
Pisco lies North of Lima at the Panamerican, take the road to Paracas and the Reserva
several free camping in the park
best to stock up in Lima, Pisco has shops too
several in Pisco
places is Pisco
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Bilder Reserva Nacional de Paracas - Peru