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Reserva Fauna AndinaEduardo Avaroa - Bolivia

Laguna Chiar Khota with the flamingos.
Beschreibung Reserva Fauna AndinaEduardo Avaroa - Bolivia
The Reserva Fauna Andina Eduardo Avaroa is a beautiful place to be. The Lagunas, the volcanos and the wildlife are very special. However, it is a harsh place to be too. The weather can get rough and cold, there are many little roads and finding the right way might be tricky.

We took a 4 days jeep trip including the Salar de Uyuni. The accommodation is basic but clean. Do not forget a warm sleeping bag! The driver and his wife were nice and the food good, Still, we would not do such a tour again. It is a lot of driving, many short stops at so many places. For us less would have been more. Said that, many people loved the tour.

Many people leave the tour on the 3rd day for Chile. There is no refund if you do that. However, the bus is cheap.
many tour offices in Uyuni
the Reserva lies North West of Uyuni
many places in Uyuni and other towns around the Salar
market in Uyuni
good Pizzas can you get at Tonito Hotel
Turismo El Desierto: Celuar 724-26848
many places in Uyuni
there is a fee for the Reserva
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Rock and Music: Salar de Uyuni
Reserva Eduardo Avaroa: www.bolivia-rea.com
Bilder Reserva Fauna AndinaEduardo Avaroa - Bolivia