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Puerto Caldera - Costa Rica

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Beschreibung Puerto Caldera - Costa Rica
Puerto Caldera is not a place were a tourist wants to hang out. However, it was for sure an interesting place to be for 5 days. There are many truck drivers waiting for the cargo. Some of them started talking with us. We played games with them, they brought us fruits and we had for sure a good time with them.

Puerto Caldera is a good place to ship your camper to South America. It is a small port and the people are very friendly and helpful. Our guy was Yucca, he organized everything for us. He work at the port and knows everything and everybody. Helps sometimes a lot. However, going directly to the agency in the white, blue containers behind the truck park may save you about 100 US$.

The car goes from Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica to Esmeraldas, Ecuador. It takes about 4 days. We paid in total 1100 US$ for our top up camper.

For flights to Quito check out TACA, was the cheapest, about 350 US$ round trip. One way costs more! Seems like booking online or at the airport is cheaper than booking at a travel agency. There are several flight a day and none seem to be full. We went to the airport and were on the plane 2 hours later.
none in the area, ask at Leon Viejo
Puerto Caldera is at the Pacific close to Puntarenas
Possible to stay with a camper, please ask first, bathroom and showers available
restaurant in the building
very cheap restaurant across the bridge towards Puntarenas, look for truck parked in front
many places in Puntarenas
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Shipping Agency:
Barlovento Agencia Maritim S.A.
Contact: Milton Madriz
email: mmadriz@barloventocr.com

Links about Costa Rica: www.guiascostarica.com
TACA: www.taca.com
Info about Costa Rica: www.costaricamap.com
Bilder Puerto Caldera - Costa Rica