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Surfers Paradise - El Salvador

Catch me if you can!
Beschreibung Surfers Paradise - El Salvador
El Salvador is not a place many people go for their holidays. However, there are those waves! Many surfers like to come to the beaches around La Libertad.

There are waves all year round. However, you ge the best (biggest) waves t in the rainy season from April to November. The winter months are dry but still hot. Daytime temperature is above 30 degrees. Waves thend to be smaller. Sometimes too small for a fun day on the board.
none in the area, surfers places help out
Playa El Sunzal is on Highway 2 just 10 km west of La Libertad
many surfers places around, private rooms to campgrounds
small shop in Playa El Sunzal, much better in La Libertad, shops and market
restaurants in Playa El Sunzal and along the road
many restaurants in La Libertad, very cheap at the market
Mangos Lounge Surf Shop: www.puntamango.com.sv
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Official El Salvador Tourist Page: www.elsalvadorturismo.gob.sv
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