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Peninsula Valdez - The Sea Lions - Argentina

Lots of sea lions but Orcas?
Beschreibung Peninsula Valdez - The Sea Lions - Argentina
The Peninsula Valdez also hosts many Sea Lion colonies. Around September, the males arrive at the shore. They do not have any harem yet but they fight about their area. A bit after the females arrive and the fighting gets intends. Only the strongest will have a harem.

The little ones are born in December. For about 2 to 3 months they do not get close to the water. However, in February the start playing in the water. In March they start going into the water even at high tide. This is when the Orcas are able to catch the sea lions on shore. A hunting strategy that asks for special skills and lots off training. Not many Orcas are able to hunt like this.
good infocenter about 20 km after the entrance, always a ranger at Punta Norte
Valdez lies about 80km north of Puerto Madryn, until Puerto Piramides the road os paved, rest on the island is ripio and distance are not short
official camground in Piramides, allowed to camp and Punta Pardelas, otherwise officially only the expensive estancias
basic in Piramides, better to stock up in Puerto Madryn
Piramides, Punta Cantor, basic Punta Norte
Puerto Piramides
many Puerto Madrin
Parques Nacionales: www.parquesnacionales.gov.ar
Secretaria Turismo: www.turismo.gov.ar
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Puerto Madryn: www.madryn.gov.at/turismo
Chubut Info: www.chubutur.gov.ar
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