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Parque Nacional Perito Moreno - Argentina

Der Huemul, das Wappentier des Parkes
Beschreibung Parque Nacional Perito Moreno - Argentina
Parque Nacional Perito Moreno is far away from anything. The Ruta 40 is already a long nothing, however, the park is another 90 km from this road. Makes a total of 330 km to Perito Moreno, 540 km to El Calafate and 530 km from Puerto San Julian. Not just around the corner and most od the time it is a dirt road too! Said that, if you have the time the Park Perito Moreno is a must! Patagonia at its best. Colorful lakes, snowcaped mountains, wind and weather that makes you crazy, much wildlife and last but not least, not many people.

There is no entrance fee, at least not so far. The camping at the Ranger Station is free as well. The information one gets are as good it can be. The trails and roads well marked. We really appreciate that, was worth a bottle of wine for the rangers and money for the Park!

There are a few hiking trails in the park, some are even multi day hikes. However, the best trek leaves the park and follows the Rio Lacteo to the impressive Monte San Lorenzo. Other multi day treks in the park got closed to protect the area even more. Weird, with only a few people a year!? Check out the links too other pages of Rock and Music above.
at the main ranger station and at El Rincoln
From Perito Moreno take 40 South for 240km before heading west on Ruta 37 for another 90km
two free camping and an Estancia, more camping and Puestos while trekking
best to stock up way before, Perito Moreno, El Chalten or El Calafate
The Estancia La Oriental
Perito Moreno, El Chalten or El Calafate
Parques Nacionales: www.parquesnacionales.gov.ar
Secretaria Turismo: www.turismo.gov.ar
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Bilder Parque Nacional Perito Moreno - Argentina