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Panajachel - Guatemala

Lago de Atitlan
Beschreibung Panajachel - Guatemala
Lago de Atitlan, one of the Highlights in Guatemala. Most people end up in Panajachel. Accessible with a good road and many buses or shuttles go to that place. Obviously that makes this town very touristy. If you like market like shops and many restaurants to choose from, this is the place you will like. However, if you are more up for the off the beaten track take a boat to another town around the lake. Places to stay and food will be cheaper for sure.
Municipal Tourict Office, www.midestinosancristobal.com
Panajachel is at the Lago de Atitlan
several hotels in town, camping possible at Hotel Tzanjuyu
Many small shops in town. Markets as well
many restaurants all over, compare the menues for a good deal
Many intern places in town, compare prices
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Bilder Panajachel - Guatemala