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Mercado de Animales - Ecuador

Ein Platz fuer Tier und Mensch.
Beschreibung Mercado de Animales - Ecuador
Otavalo is famous for its Mercados. Every Saturday there are 3 different markets in the town. Most tourists just want to see the Mercado Artesanal. However, the Mercado de Animales is very interesting too and well worth to get up before 7 in the morning.

The people sell and buy cows, pigs, heiss and coats at this market. The people, mostly farmers, come from around Otavalo. Therefore the market is also a social happening.

For the other markets in Otavalo please check out Otavalo Mercado
Info Center at Bolivar 8-38 between Calderon and Moreno
Many cheap hotels in town, a beauty but 4 km up the hill is La Luna including camping
shops al over, mercado every day too
many restaurants, ask for the Menu oof the day
many places in town
Spanish School: www.instituto-superior.net
Weitere Informationen
Info about Ecuador: www.discoveringecuador.com
More about Ecuador: www.vivecuador.com
More about Ecuador: www.imbuburo.gov.ec
Paragliding in Ecuador: www.flyecuador.com.ec
Bilder Mercado de Animales - Ecuador