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The Ruins of the Laguna de los Condores - Peru

The Mummys of the Laguna de los Condores
Beschreibung The Ruins of the Laguna de los Condores - Peru
About 700 years ago the Incas used to live at the Laguna de los Condores. A little Pueblo was above the Laguna. Not much is left of this village. However, they buried their death on the other side of the lake in the wall. Over 200 mummies were found there in 1996. All those mummies were brought down into the Museo of Leymebamba.

There are many more places in the area, some found just in 1999. However, those places are not accessible by public at the time being. It might change in 2006.

The ruins of the Laguna de los Condores itself are not as spectacular as other places. But the scenery and the hike or ride to the place is breathtaking. The only downside is that the place is on private land and the owner charges shit load of money for nothing. But this might change in the future as well. The local guides are talking about a new way to get to the ruins without going over private land. Also check out for more about how to get to the place Trip Laguna de los Condores
Museo Leymebamba
Hard to find without a guide
places in town, for a donation it might be possible to camp at the museum
little shops in Leymebamba
Ask for Cels, very good food
one place in Leymebamba, very slow
From Rock and Music: Museo Leymebamba
From Rock and Music: Trip Laguna de los Condores
Weitere Informationen
Museo Leymebamba: www.museoleymebamba.org
More stuff: www.centromallqui.org.pe
Info about Leymebamba: www.leymebamba.org
Bilder The Ruins of the Laguna de los Condores - Peru