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Lago Yehuin - Argentina

Just after 5 AM at the Lago Yehuin
Beschreibung Lago Yehuin - Argentina
There are many places on the Tierra del Fuego where one can camp. The Lago Yehuin was so special that we want to tell you about it. It was one of the best camping we have ever been. The scenery can not get any better. A lake with snow covered mountains in the back. All together with a beautiful sunset and an absolutely unbelievable sunrise. The only bad thing is that between those two you have only about 5 hours.
tourist info in Rio Grande maybe
From Rio Grande take the dirt road f and h towards the lake
at the lake for free
best to stock up in Rio Grande or Ushuaia
Rio Grande or Ushuaia
Parques Nacionales: www.parquesnacionales.gov.ar
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Bilder Lago Yehuin - Argentina