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Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi
Lago Steffen - Argentina

Patagonia, the fishing paradise!
Beschreibung Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi
Lago Steffen - Argentina
Do you like a quiet place and fishing? If so Lago Steffen is the place to go.

Just a few minutes after the turn off from the main road drops the road into a valley. The view over the Lago Steffen from here is amazing. The road is sometimes a bit steep but doable with a normal car. Except the last bit to get to the lake. Two times a creek has to be crossed and for that you will need a wheel drive with high clearance. Not too bad, there are places to camp along the Rio Manso too.

There used to be hiking trails around the Lago Steffen. We do not know why, but they are all gone. The only way to get further is with a boat without any engine.
Bariloche or at the Ranger Station along the road at the Lago Steffen
Lago Steffen lies about 60km south from Bariloche on routa 258, follow the signed road to the right to the lake
several free camping along Rio Manso or at the Lago Steffen
best to stock up in Bariloche
in Bariloche
Parques Nacionales: www.parquesnacionales.gov.ar
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Bilder Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi
Lago Steffen - Argentina