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La Paz, a modern City - Bolivia

Not New York but La Paz in Bolivia
Beschreibung La Paz, a modern City - Bolivia
La Paz, founded by the Spanish Conquistador in 1548 on the Altiplano. Only after 30 years freezing their asses off decided the people to move the town into the valley of the Rio Choqueyapu. The bottom of the valley is about 400 m below the rim of the altiplano and sheltered from the wind and much warmer too. Driving into the valley is an unforgettable experience.

The town with about 1.5 million people, is surprisingly modern, quiet, clean and safe. Walk trough the streets with many markets, people and life. Enjoy the good restaurants, visit the museum or buy some artisanas.
Tourist Information at Plaza del Estudiante
Easy to find on every Bolivia map
many places, with a camper at Hotel Oberland: www.h-oberland.com
markets all over the town, Ketal is a good supermarket
all over
many tour offices
many places in town
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Bilder La Paz, a modern City - Bolivia