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Hosteria de La Luna de Mojanda - Ecuador

Cerro Imababura mit einem Indigenous Haus
Beschreibung Hosteria de La Luna de Mojanda - Ecuador
Hosteria de La Luna de Mojanda is a place to relax. Many people arriving here stay much longer than expected. There is a place to stay for everybody. Camping with tents or a camper is possible or you can stay in the dorm. Cooking facilities are available as well. If you want to spend a bit more money can you choose from several bed rooms. Some even with their own fire place.

The restaurant serves organic food. Most of the ingridiens are from their own garden.

La Luna, for sure a place to stay, to relax, meet the Indigenous in the community, explore the sourounding area including the mountains of Otavalo and last but not least Otavalo itself.

Check out their homepage www.hostallaluna.com
Info Center at Bolivar 8-38 between Calderon and Moreno
La Luna, 4km Sector Loma via a la Laguna de Mojanda, Tel: 099737415/098294913
Hosteria de La Luna www.hostallaluna.com
shops al over, mercado every day too
very good restaurant at the La Luna
many places in Otavalo
Spanish School: www.instituto-superior.net
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Bilder Hosteria de La Luna de Mojanda - Ecuador