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Grande Francia - Tilbury - International

The huge port of Tilbury
Beschreibung Grande Francia - Tilbury - International
Tibury lies on the River Thames 42 km downstream of London Bridge. It is famous for its docks, constructed in1884–86, they have been extensively modernized and extended by the Port of London Authority. Tilbury is now the principal container port , roll-on, roll-off facilities have been provided since 1965. The quays extend more than 6.5 km and the largest ships are able to embark or disembark at any stage of the tide.

The River Thames was biologically dead in the 1950s, but changing land use together with improved pollution control have brought dramatic improvements in the quality of the water and a renewed abundance of fish.

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Grande Francia
no food but water, coke, sprite, etc. is available
3 times a day perfect food
no internet but email can be sent and reveived
Grimaldi: www.grimaldi-freightercruises.com
J.E. Turner: www.turner.com.ar
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