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People of Granada - Nicaragua

Ein Tag in Granada.
Beschreibung People of Granada - Nicaragua
Granada, a nice town at Lago de Nicaragua. Enough touristy that a normal tourist ist happy. But we liked more the off the beaten track areas. Nice local restaurants and bars around. And as usual in Nicaragua, the people are very friendly.

There is a huge beach tourist area. This does not mean it is only for tourists, in fact there are more locals there.
Tourist information at the plaza or many other kinf of info centers
Granada lies at the North East end of Lago Nicaraguaa
Many hostels and hotels to stay, ask around for parking ans sleeping in your camper
many Shops all over town, big market as well
Many touristy and expensive restaurants
during the day eat cheap at the place, in the evenings walk around, there are local places too
several adventure guide offices in town
Many internet places in town
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Bilder People of Granada - Nicaragua