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Cusco - Peru

Plaza de Armas, Cusco
Beschreibung Cusco - Peru
Cusco, I guess the most visited place in Peru. No wonder, Machu Picchu and many other ruins are close by. But the town is nice too, maybe even a bit too nice. It is Colonial City, even better, some of the old houses are build on top of the original big stone of the Incas.

There are many fiestas in Cusco with a lot of Folklore and Music. There are also bars with live music every evening. Walk around around the plaza armanas, people will give you flyers.

There are some ruins around the town, some even reachable on foot. The best one I guess is Saqsayhuaman
several info places in town
Cusco lies on the road between Nasca and Lago Titicaca
Many places in town, camping above the town towards Saqsayhuaman at the Hacienda
Nice market at Avenida Garcilaso, supermarket as well
many restaurants, almuerzos for 3 soles, evening for 10 soles possible
many tour offices
many places in town
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From Rock and Music: Saqsayhuaman
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