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Carretera Austral Coyhaique to Chaiten - Chile

Lots of ice, even more green and one road, the Carretera Austral!
Beschreibung Carretera Austral Coyhaique to Chaiten - Chile
The famous Carretera Austral stretches from Puerto Montt in the North until Villa O Higgins in the South. It got only build in the late 1980. The road to O Higgins even later.

The road got popular fast, first by people trying to find a new home, soon after by people seeking for adventure. In the meantime it is already a tourist attraction. Said that, it is still a very impressive road with a breath taking scenery. If you have the time do not miss it!

Pinochet was the leading man for the construction if the road. I do not wanna know the condition the workers had and what they earned. It must have been a hell of a place to work! The reason behind Pinochet was to protect the area from the Argentineans. He was afraid that they can just walk trough the forest to the ocean and take over the land.
many towns along the road with info centers
Coyhaique to Chaiten
along the road are hotels, camping and just places to park
best to stock up in Chile Chico and Coyaique, some small shops along the road
some along the road
any major town
Parque Nacional: www.conaf.cl
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Bilder Carretera Austral Coyhaique to Chaiten - Chile