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Capitol Reef National Park - Utah - USA

Die Farben des Gesteins varieirt auch hier von rot ueber gruen bis zu weiss.
Beschreibung Capitol Reef National Park - Utah - USA
Capitol Reef is the less traveled National Park in Utah. Even so, it is well worth exploring. If you have time hike around in the area. Even better make a back country hiking trip.

The park protects the longest visible folds in North America. Several millions years ago the Colorado Plateau got pushed up several thousand feet. The earth was cracking at several places. Capitol Reef is on of those cracks, called Waterpocket Fold.

By the way, the name Reef comes from the early explorers. Most of them were sailors, everything that blocked their way was just a reef, even when it was a mountain ranger.
A Visitor Center is located at Highway 24. Little Museum and a slideshow. As usual the free brochure is very good.
Capitol Reef is on Highway 24.
A fee camping is just close by the visitor center. Drinking wather is available outside of the visitor center. Backcountry camping is free only a permit is required.
You can get limited food in Torrey.
The Flute Shop, 2650 South Highway 12, Torrey, Utah, vancem@scinternet.net
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National Parks: www.nationalparks.org
Bilder Capitol Reef National Park - Utah - USA