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Candelaria Silver Mine - Bolivia

Cerro Rico and the Mining
Beschreibung Candelaria Silver Mine - Bolivia
Potosi is with 4000m the highest city in the world. It also used to be the world best source of high quality silver. Within 18 months of the Spanish learning about the silver, the city has grown to 14000 people. About 25 years later about 120000 people lived in the city, making it the biggest city of the New World. The silver of Potosi was known all over the world and its coins were valid all over too.

Around 1700 Mexico was able to produce more silver than Potosi and the city struggled. Only the demand for tin saved the town from total poverty.

Today, the mining still goes on and it is a demanding experience, physically and emotionally, to visit a mine. It gets very hot, up to 40 degrees, the altitude is around 4300m and the air in the mine can get very bad. To see the conditions how the people work is hard to take. However, mining is such an important part of South America that one should not miss this experience.
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many places in Potosi
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