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Cal Orcko Dinosaur Tracks - Bolivia

Back in time with the Dinosaurs.
Beschreibung Cal Orcko Dinosaur Tracks - Bolivia
The Cal Orcko Dinosaur Tracks are just about 3km out of Sucre. They got discovered in 1994 and are well preserved and impressive too.

You can take the Dino-Truck that leaves 3 times a day in front of the cathedral. The tour to the prints is guided in either Spanish or English. The given information are interesting and it is for sure worth to see those dinosaur tracks.

The tracks are slowly vanashing due to rain and wind. There are some ideas how to protect the prints but who will realize it and pay for it?
Guided tour
about 3km outside of Sucre, take the truck in front of the cathedral
many places in Sucre
nice market in Sucre, also a Supermercado
all over Sucre
Bar, Restaurant, Biking and more: www.joyridebol.com
many places in town
Weitere Informationen
About the Dinosaur: www.abbeypath.com
On Rock and Music: Sucre
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Bilder Cal Orcko Dinosaur Tracks - Bolivia