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Area Protegida Cabo dos Bahias - Argentina

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Beschreibung Area Protegida Cabo dos Bahias - Argentina
The Area Protegida Cabo dos Bahias protects a colony of Magellan Penguins. It is by far less touristy than the close by colony at Punta Tomba which protects the biggest colony of Magellan Penguins. However, it is a beautiful place and one can get very close to the penguins.

It was especially interesting for us to see how the offspring grow. The first time we have seen a colony was in December, then again in January and now in February. The young ones are about to go into the ocean. Guess it is a lot of fun to be able to see this.
flyers at the entrance
Area Protegida Cabo dos Bahias
official camground at an estancia in the park, also possible along the road
basic in Camerones, better to stock up in Trelew
at the Estancia
Parques Nacionales: www.parquesnacionales.gov.ar
Secretaria Turismo: www.turismo.gov.ar
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Bilder Area Protegida Cabo dos Bahias - Argentina