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The Curch Basilica - Ecuador

Die Basilica von der anderen Seite der Stadt.
Beschreibung The Curch Basilica - Ecuador
The Basilica is an impressive church, a bit above the old part of Quito. One can see its towers from many places in the town.

The best is, that the towers are open for public. One can climb two towers of the church. Especially the smaller on is a little adventure. And, take it slowly, you are 2900 m above sea level!

Please check out www.rockandmusic.com/Slides/dynamictrip.php?askedGroupname=Quito TARGET=_blank>Quito to see the panorama from the tower and more about Quito.
the main Info-Center is at the Plaza de la Independencia
Many cheap hotels in town, old part grnerelly cheaper
shops al over in Quito
many restaurants around, ask for the Menu oof the day
Tatoo Adventure Gear: www.tatoo.ws
Climbing Guide in Ecuador: www.climbingtour.com
many places in town
Adventure Guide in Ecuador: www.equateur-voyages.com
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Info about Ecuador: www.discoveringecuador.com
Tourist info of Pinchincha: www.captur.com
Bilder The Curch Basilica - Ecuador