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V olcan Pacaya - Antigua - V olcan Pacaya

The active Volcan Pacaya
Datum: February 2005
Höhe: 2552m
Länge: 730m elevation difference
Fels: -
Grad: -
Approach / Zustieg:
Material: windproof and water
Ausrichtung: -
Descent / Abstieg:
Führer: -

Beschreibung V olcan Pacaya - Antigua - -

Climbing vulcanos is always something special. Especially when they are active. Volcan Pacaya is such an active vulcano. The climb or rather the hike is easy and straight forward. However, people got robbed, raped and even killed in the past. Today, you can only climb the mountain with a guide. You will even pass tourist police on your way up. Makes the whole thin safe but also less an adventure.

The road up to the entrance of the national park is bad. We recommend to leave your car in Antigua and book a tour from there. Many travel agencies offer tours twice a day. Look around for the best deal.


Highway CA-9, before Palin (km 37.5) turns left and follow the signs
several hotels in Antigua, trailer parking possible at Alquilo, Calle de Chipilapa 11-C
Approach / Zustieg
follow the trial
Descent / Abstieg
hike down same way

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Bilder V olcan Pacaya - Antigua - -