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Volcan Llaima - Parque Nacional Conguillio - Lake District - Chile

The crater of Volcano Llaima and Volcano Lanin in the back
Datum: October 2005
Höhe: 3125m
Länge: 1600m, between 4 - 6 hours
Grad: F
Approach / Zustieg:
Material: crampons, ice axe, walking stick
Ausrichtung: west and north
Descent / Abstieg:
Führer: Some info in the restaurant of the ski resort

Beschreibung Volcan Llaima - Parque Nacional Conguillio - Lake District - Chile

!! Please Notice that volcano Llaima errupted over Christmas 2007 and was closed. Please check the links at "More Information" !!

The Parque Nacional Conguillio with its volcano Llaima stays a bit in the shadow of the Parque Nacional Villarrica and it volcano Villarrica. Both are still very active but one can see lava in the crater of Villarrica. However, Llaima is abit higher and attracts less people.

The climb is easy and straight forward. Crampons and ice axe might be essential for a succesful climb. It gets a bit tricky at the top where one has to get of the snow, over ash and lava and back on the snow.

You have to register in Cherquenco at the police is you want to climb Llaima. Furthermore might it be possible that you can not climb the mountain without a guide. Take as many proofs with you that you have enough experience. Chance to get to the top without a guide is higher in low season.


The park lies about 50km east of Temuo passing Vilcun and Cherquenco in the Parque Nacional Conguillio
dorms in the ski area, camping might be possible
Approach / Zustieg
along the skilift befor heading to the north ridge from where the top can be reached
Descent / Abstieg
same way down

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Bilder Volcan Llaima - Parque Nacional Conguillio - Lake District - Chile