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Laguna de los Condores - Layabamba - Peru

Horses and Mules make a trip like this an unforgetable experience!
Datum: June 2005
Höhe: highest over 3000m
Länge: 3 days
Grad: strenous
Approach / Zustieg:
Material: raingear, plastic boots and walking stick recommended
Descent / Abstieg:

Beschreibung Laguna de los Condores - Layabamba - Peru

The scenery on the way to the Laguna de los Condores is breathtaking. The Laguna itself is very nice too. So that alone it worth the trip. In 1996 people discovered ruins above the Laguna from the Incas. In those ruins were over 200 mummies. Out of a sudden the place got pretty famous and many people would like to see it.

The place is hard to find and good maps do not exist. Furthermore is it a long way, it takes about 10 hours to get there. Therefore it is recommended to hire a guide with a horse for the luggage. If you like to ride get a horse for you as well, it is a lot of fun. However, you still have to walk for at least 2 hours. It is just too steep for the horses with your weight on them at some places. Ask for plastic boots, their is a lot of mud!

Their is at the moment a problem with the owner of the farm at the Laguna. He charges shit load of money for more or less nothing. No flat area for your tent is available and sleeping in hey is not everybodies dream. However, the local guides are looking for a new way to get to the ruins.

There is much more in the area around the Laguna and Leyabamba too. Like Rio Blanco, Chilchos or Laguna Quindicocha. Some of the ruins are not accessible for public yet but 10 days tours are already possible. Ask in Leyabamba for Leoncio Cotrina Palma from Palmira. He is a very good guide. He worked in 1997 with the archaeologists to get the mummies to the village. He know a lot about the Incas, the areas and Fauna and Flora.


Hard to find without a guide
some places in Leyabamba, for a donation possible to camp at the Museum
Approach / Zustieg
take a guide for advice
Descent / Abstieg
same way down

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Bilder Laguna de los Condores - Layabamba - Peru