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Col of the Rysy - Slowakei Hohe Tatra - VysokÚ Tatry

Remember, it is September, not January!
Datum: September 2008
H÷he: 2370 Meter
Lńnge: To the top and back around 8 hours without breaks
Grad: moderate
Approach / Zustieg:
Material: normal hiking gear, walking stick recommended
Ausrichtung: all directions
Descent / Abstieg:
FŘhrer: Hohe Tatra von Stanislav Samuhel, Bergverlag Rother, www.rother.de

Beschreibung Col of the Rysy - Slowakei Hohe Tatra - VysokÚ Tatry

Beautiful valley, nice lakes and a very impressive view from the top. That is the short version of the trekking peak Rysy with 2499 meters.

A bit a longer story could be, ride your bike on the paved road to the PopradskÚ Pleso, on the way up check out the graveyard for mountaineers that died in the High Tatras, enjoy the forest after the the first lake, take a deep breath before the trail climbs the right hill side to the lakes of Zabie Plesa. Here the fun starts and some chain help to feel save. The hut Chat pod Rysmy is rather small and for sure on weekends very crowded. The col Sedlo vaha ist just above the hut, the peak Rysy is another 30 minutes from the col.


Trail Head in StrbskÚ Pleso at the train station PopradskÚ Pleso
Chata PopradskÚ Pleso or the Hut Chata pod Rysmi, many places in the National Park
Approach / Zustieg
From the trailhead to the Chata PopradskÚ Pleso (might be on paved road only), Blue Trail to the junction at the creek Zabi Potok, right red trail passing Zabie Plesa, the hut to the col and finally, the peak
Descent / Abstieg
same way down

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Bilder Col of the Rysy - Slowakei Hohe Tatra - VysokÚ Tatry