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Refugio Lindo - El Bolson - Argentina

Wind, clouds, rain and even snow. Welcome to Patagonia!
Datum: November 2005
Höhe: 1450
Länge: from camping to refugio about 5 hours
Grad: moderate
Approach / Zustieg:
Material: normal trekking gear, cooking and sleeping at the refugio is possible
Ausrichtung: most of the time in the forest
Descent / Abstieg:
Führer: Maps and more Info at the Tourist Informaton El Bolson

Beschreibung Refugio Lindo - El Bolson - Argentina

Refugio Lindo means cute hut. Indeed, the Refugio is cute and a beautiful place to be. There are several view points around the hut, the view from there must be amazing. However, we did not see that much due to the pretty bad weather we had.

Best time to go is December to March. In November there might still be a lot of snow. Not a problem to get to the hut so. But it might not possible to walk further to the Lago Tricolor. That lake must be spectacular. At least on the pictures in the Refugio. Too bad we missed that one!

Ernesto, the host of the hut is a very friendly and helpful person. He knows a lot about the area and if he has time he is more than happy to guide you around a bit. And the bread he makes is a dream! We could not get enough of it!


From El Bolson take the dirt road to the camping at the Rio Azul
camping at the Refugio, staying at the Refugio, also possible to camp at some of the lagunas
Approach / Zustieg
cross the bridge below the camping and follow the marked trail.
Descent / Abstieg
same way down or keep on going for a few days

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Bilder Refugio Lindo - El Bolson - Argentina