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Refugio Frey - Bariloche - Argentina

Skiing on normal shoes!
Datum: November 2005
Höhe: 1700m
Länge: from camping to refugio about 4 hours
Fels: ?
Grad: from day hike to very hard climbing
Approach / Zustieg:
Material: depends what you are up for
Descent / Abstieg:
Führer: Patagonia Outdoors in Bariloche: www,patagonia-outdoors.com

Beschreibung Refugio Frey - Bariloche - Argentina

The Refugio Frey is probably one of the best spots for rock climbing in Argentina. Over 500 routes can be found on perfect granite. Super hard sportclimbs to moderate trad multi pitches. All is there!

Sound perfect, however, the season is rather short. The Refugio lies on 1700m and the snow last long. Beginning of November was there still so much snow that without skies or snowshoes could one not approach anything.

Same for the famous multi day hike from one hut to the other. No chance without snowshoes or skis. People that tried it even said that one needs crampons too. The did not have any and had to turn around. Safety first they said!

Said all that, it was a nice day hike with a beautiful view and well worth it!


From Bariloche drive to the Lago Gutierrez and to the trailhead at the Camping Gutierrez on the western shore
camping at the Refugio, staying at the Refugio, also possible to camp at Refugio Piedritas
Approach / Zustieg
follow the well marked trail from the camping
Descent / Abstieg
same way down or keep on going for a few days

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Bilder Refugio Frey - Bariloche - Argentina