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Bouldering and more at Pitec - Huaraz - Pitec - Peru

Boulders and much more
Datum: July 2005
Höhe: about 3750m
Länge: 2 to 5 meters
Fels: Granite
Grad: everything
Approach / Zustieg:
Material: boulder pad, long pants recommended due black flies
Ausrichtung: all directions
Descent / Abstieg:

Beschreibung Bouldering and more at Pitec - Huaraz - Pitec - Peru

The highland of Pitec is a nice playground for outdoor people. Despite the fact that it is just above Huaraz is it not too crowded. Do you like hiking, there are several possibilities, for just a few hours or even multi day treks. Or is mountain biking more your thing. The Way Inn Lodge has some. Last but not least there are many granite boulders, some of them even big enough to make some routes. Too bad we do not have a drill!

The boulders are spread all over the highland. Look around and find your own problem. The people at the Way Inn Lodge can give you some directions as well. The rock is granite and sometimes pretty sharp. The weather in the dry season is stable and sunny days are normal. However, it is freezing shortly after sunset until sunrise. Do not forget your warm clothes. The downside are those black flies. It helps a lot to wear long pants.


Take the road to Pitec and park at the Way Inn Lodge
The Way Inn Lodge in Pitec: www.thewayinn.com
Approach / Zustieg
look around from the Way Inn Lodge
Descent / Abstieg
climb down

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Bilder Bouldering and more at Pitec - Huaraz - Pitec - Peru