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Montana Churupita - 5035m - Huaraz - Pitec - Peru

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Datum: July 2005
Höhe: 5035 Meters
Länge: 4 - 6 hours up and 2 - 3 hours down
Fels: Granite
Grad: F
Approach / Zustieg:
Material: walking sticks recommended, sunblock
Ausrichtung: West
Descent / Abstieg:

Beschreibung Montana Churupita - 5035m - Huaraz - Pitec - Peru

Montana Churupita is an easy mountain. If you are acclimatised is it more or less just a strenuous hike. Starting point might be the Way Inn Lodge at 3712m. That makes about 1300m. However, it is worth every meter. The view is as good as it gets! Several 6000er can be seen from the top.

Several ways lead to the top. On the left side is kind of the official trial. Sometimes marked with stone men. The fastest way is straight up the grass between the two creeks. Once you reach the rocky part will you join the official trail. However, to stay on track is not that easy. Just try to avoid loose rock and the summit is yours anyway!

The Way Inn Lodge is a good place to stay and enjoy the beautiful scenery. They can also give you much more information about this climb and many other treks in the area. Check out their page www.thewayinn.com


Take the road to Pitec and park at the Way Inn Lodge
The Way Inn Lodge in Pitec: www.thewayinn.com
Approach / Zustieg
several ways, fastes is between the two creeks to the rocky face and further scramble
Descent / Abstieg
same way down

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Bilder Montana Churupita - 5035m - Huaraz - Pitec - Peru