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Hike around the Laguna Cuicocha - Otavalo - Ecuador

The Laguna Cuicocha
Datum: May 2005
Höhe: highest point about 3400m
Länge: 4 - 6 hours including breaks
Grad: easy
Approach / Zustieg:
Material: windproof, raingear, water and food
Ausrichtung: all directions
Descent / Abstieg:

Beschreibung Hike around the Laguna Cuicocha - Otavalo - Ecuador

The Laguna Cuicocha is a popular place for the locals and for the tourists as well. The best way to explore the laguna is to hike around the lake. It offers you an amazing view over the lake with its two islands. With a bit luck and good weather may you see all the surrounding vulcanos as well. Including Cerro Imbabura, Volcan Cayamba and even Volcan Cotopaxi.

The hike is easy and straight forward. Sometimes the trail is not that obvious and you have to walk through bushes. However, just follow the most used path and you can not go wrong. Keep in mind, the earlier you start the better the view will be! Enjoy!


Take a bus from Otavalo to Quiroga or Cotacachi, from there you can hire a Pick Up Truck to the Laguna fot 4 Dollers. There also might be a bus towards Apuela.
Primitive camping is possible at the Laguna Cuicocha. Otherwise Otavalo has many cheap places to stay
Approach / Zustieg
signed trail from the visitor center. The trail is sometimes marked. Otherwise just follow the most used path.
Descent / Abstieg
The trail ends on a gravel road. follow that one back to the entrance of the park area

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Bilder Hike around the Laguna Cuicocha - Otavalo - Ecuador