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La Buitrera - Rio Chubut - Argentina

Where is the climbing ?
Datum: January 2006
Höhe: around 200m
Länge: mostly around 25m
Fels: ?
Grad: moderate to hard
Approach / Zustieg:
Material: 60m, 12 quick draws
Ausrichtung: all directions
Descent / Abstieg:

Beschreibung La Buitrera - Rio Chubut - Argentina

The valley of Rio Chubut is already worth driving through. Hard to believe that this is Patagonia too. Seems more like Arizona in the USA. Take your time and enjoy the coloured rocks and the green valley with the Rio Chubut. There are places along the river to camp despite the fact that a lot is private.

The Canyon La Buitrera is not only a climbing place it is also well worth to visit just for a hike, very impressive walls! However, it is a bit hard to get there. The canyon is on the other side of the Rio and there is no bridge. If the water is low or you do not have any gear you can cross the river just before the Piedra Parada. A hard to miss huge rock in the middle of the valley. There used to be climber on this rock as well but Martin told us it is forbidden in the meantime, it is private!

Talking about Martin, he is the guy that offers camping on his estancia and also a ferry service over the river. There is a road with a sign Escuala Piedra Parada going to the right when coming from Esquel. Just there is the possible free camping and also the little boat of Martin. There is a yellow sign at the shore. Make lots of noise and wave. If you hear the dogs barking on the other side, Martin will get you soon. Staying on his Estancia is like paradise. Fresh fruits and veggies and lots of animals too.

The approach from the Estancia takes about an hour and it offers no shade. Climbing in the canyon is possible all year round but in summer around noon there is hardly any shade. There is no guide book and the routes are hard to find. Hopefully other climbers are there to help out.


On ruta 12 in the canyon opposite Piedra Parada
free camping along the Rio Chubut, paid and nice at Martins Estancia
Approach / Zustieg
see description
Descent / Abstieg
two bolts with ring or clippers

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Bilder La Buitrera - Rio Chubut - Argentina