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Trekking on the Isla del Sol - Isla del Sol - Lago Titicaca - Bolivia

Trekking on the Isla del Sol
Datum: August 2005
Höhe: around 4000m
Länge: 1 to 3 days
Grad: easy
Approach / Zustieg:
Material: maybe tent and food, sunblock
Ausrichtung: all directions
Descent / Abstieg:

Beschreibung Trekking on the Isla del Sol - Isla del Sol - Lago Titicaca - Bolivia

The Isla del Sol supposed to be the place were the Incas got born. According to the legend gave the god of the sun birth to his children, Manco Capac and his sister, Mama Ocllo. The came out of the water of the Lago Titicaca at the sacred rock Titicaca at the north end of the island. From here they founded Cusco and the Inca Dynasty.

The Lago Titicaca is the highest lake where you can use boats. It lies at 3812m above sea level, its size is about 8300 km2, up to 280m deep, has 41 islands, about 25 rivers flow into it but only 1 leaves the lake. Only 5 percent of the water actually leaves the lake that way, the rest vaporises. Therefore the water is a bit salty and the farmers have problems with using the water for their fields.

A good and safe place to park your car is at the Hotel Chasqui de Oro. They only charge 10 Bolivianos for a night and the showers are hot! But an additional 5 Bolivianos a person. Check out www.chasquihotel.com.bo


Starting point is Copacaban in Bolivia at the Lago Titicaca
camping on the island or many hostals
Approach / Zustieg
from Copacabana towards the village Yampupata where you can catch a boat
Descent / Abstieg
Walk from the South to the North of the Island, catch a boat from Challapampa back to Copacabana

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Bilder Trekking on the Isla del Sol - Isla del Sol - Lago Titicaca - Bolivia