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Iliniza Norte - 5105 Meters - Machachi - Ecuador

Only the false peak of the Iliniza Norte
Datum: May 2005
Höhe: 5105 Meters
Länge: from the refugio about 2 hours up and 1 down
Grad: F / PD
Approach / Zustieg:
Material: windproof, walking stick recommended
Descent / Abstieg:
Führer: The Andes - A guide for Climbers by John Biggar

Beschreibung Iliniza Norte - 5105 Meters - Machachi - Ecuador

Los Ilinizas, twin peaks opposite of the Volcan Cotopaxi. The south peak is a pretty hard one and dangerous as well. However, the north peak is a straight forward rock scramble and a popular peak to get used to the high altitude before climbing Volcan Cotopaxi.

One can drive up to about 4000 Meters but only with a 4 WD. Cost is around 10 US$ from El Chaupi but it safes you about 3 hours of walking. From El Chaupi it takes about 6 hours to the refugio but it is for free. The way to the refugio from El Chaupi is well marked and hard to miss. The refugio is 10 US$ a person a night. Camping is for free except the 5 US$ entrance fee to the Reserva Ecologica Los Ilinizas

The climb from the refugio to the peak is straight forward and hard to miss. There are little stone men and always kind of a trail. Just look for the foot prints.


From Machachi take a bus to El Chaupi, possible to hire 4WD to the parking area, from there 3 hours to the refugio
places to stay in Machachi and El Chaupi
Approach / Zustieg
From the refugio to the col and on the left side of the ridge to the false summit, from there on the right side travers to the gully and climb that to the summit
Descent / Abstieg
same way down except it might be easier going down over the gravel

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Hosteria PapaGayo
There are those mountains to climb like Corazon, Iliniza Norte and of course Volcan Cotopaxi. But where to stay and what to do on a rest day. The Hosteria PapaGaya is the answer. It lies in the middle of those mountains and offers much more than just a place to stay and great food. You can also go horseback riding, biking and much more. Also check out Volcan Cotopaxi

Bilder Iliniza Norte - 5105 Meters - Machachi - Ecuador