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Hatumachay - Cordillera Blanca - Peru

Climb in Peace!
Datum: August 2005
Höhe: about 4100m
Länge: up to 30
Fels: volcanic ??
Grad: French 5b to 7a
Approach / Zustieg:
Material: 60m, 12 quick draws, stick clip recommended
Ausrichtung: mostly north
Descent / Abstieg:
Führer: None so far

Beschreibung Hatumachay - Cordillera Blanca - Peru

This place is a hidden jewel. The potential is never ending, however, today you will only find around 25 bolted routes. Do you like bouldering? Guess you can stay here for the rest of your life! Just walk around and find your problems.

There are no facilities. You can find water in the creek but filtering or boiling is highly recommended. Bring enough food for a few days. The nights are getting very cold, down to 10 below are commen. Warm sleeping bag and good clothes are essiental. However, during the day is it warm if not hot in the sun.


From Huaraz drive towards Lima. At the Km-Marker 131 take a right up the hill a dirt road. Take a left where many stonemen are. Follow this road as far as possible following a little creek
Camping in the area
Approach / Zustieg
from the P walk down straight towards the rock, look for the bolts following the creek
Descent / Abstieg
2 bolts with one ring

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Bilder Hatumachay - Cordillera Blanca - Peru