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Faro San Isidro - Estrecho de Magellanes - Patagonia - Chile

The most southern light house Americas
Datum: December 2005
Höhe: sea level
Länge: from the river about 6km or 2.5 hours one way
Grad: easy
Approach / Zustieg:
Material: all wather protection and water
Ausrichtung: all directions
Descent / Abstieg:
Führer: Tourist Info in Punta Arenas

Beschreibung Faro San Isidro - Estrecho de Magellanes - Patagonia - Chile

Faro San Isidro is the most southern light house of the entire South American continent. It got built in 1908 and the tower is about 8m high. Today, nobody lifes there anmore and it is not in use. Seems like they started to rebuild things but nothing got done since a while.

Camping at the light house is not allowed. But there are many nice spots along the road, just before you start hiking. Careful with the river, not much water when the tide is low. In any case, a 4WD is essential to get any closer than that. We camped there, just at the river and started to walk from there as well. About 6km and 2.5 hours. With a 4WD you might get as close as 4km to the light house.


Take the road to Fuerte Bulnes, after about 60km take the road to San Juan and drive as far you get
Camping along the road, we camped just before the river one has to cross
Approach / Zustieg
from the parking follow the coast line
Descent / Abstieg
same way back

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Bilder Faro San Isidro - Estrecho de Magellanes - Patagonia - Chile