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El Potrero Chico - Las Estrellas - Estrellita

The only way is up!
Datum: February 2005
Höhe: about 700m
Länge: 12 pitches
Fels: Limestone
Grad: US 5.10b (Variation 5.11b)
Approach / Zustieg:
Material: 60m, 12 quick draws
Ausrichtung: North West
Descent / Abstieg:
Führer: Climb El Potrero Chico by Pancho Villa and The Caguama Queen, get it at Tamis Cafe

Beschreibung El Potrero Chico - Las Estrellas - Estrellita

Estrellita is not as popular as Space Boys or Yankee Clipper. But it is for sure worth climbing. The first for pitches are steep but the handholds are big. If you are up for a more challenging variation take do not use the ramps and climb the 5.11b. After the scrambling along the fixed rope the climbing get different. The next 7 pitches follow a ramp and crack system to the summit. Care is needed with loose rocks, people may climb down in the canyon.

The rappel does not follow the climb, to dangerous for the people below in the canyon. Follow the fix line down into Los Lobos Canyon and rappel for 5 times with a 60m. (double rope helps to skip anchors, but it might get stocked on the green stuff).

The climb faces West/North West and it gets sun only in the afternoon if at all. A good place to bee if it is too hot in the sun.


From Laredo (US) take freeway 85, before Monterrey take 40 towards Saltillo, take 53 towards Monclova, look for signs El Potrero Chico in Hidalgo
Several campgrounds in walking distance from the climbing
Approach / Zustieg
Descent / Abstieg
follow fix line and rappel down into Los Lobos canyon

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Bilder El Potrero Chico - Las Estrellas - Estrellita