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Cerro Corazon - 4782m - Machachi - Ecuador

Cerro Corazon - 4782m. The climb is straight forward and well marked with little stone men.
Datum: May 2005
Höhe: 4782 Meters
Länge: from the gate about 5 hours up and 3 down
Grad: F
Approach / Zustieg:
Material: windproof, walking stick recommended,
Ausrichtung: mostly west
Descent / Abstieg:
Führer: The Andes - A guide for Climbers by John Biggar

Beschreibung Cerro Corazon - 4782m - Machachi - Ecuador

Cerro Corazon - Mountain Heart. No idea where the name comes from. Maybe because it look a bit like a upside down heart. Anyway, the climb is straight forward and a very good one to get acclimatised to the high altitude, especially with seeing Volcan Cotopaxi all the time. If you start walking at the gate it is even a pretty long one too. The gate is at about 3200m and the summit at 4782m. Makes about 1600m altitude difference. Too much, you can get up to 4000m with a 4 WD.

From the gate follow the obvious road that switches back and forward. There are many shortcuts that could make the way a bit shorter but harder too. Once at the basin keep on going up the road/trial to the col at about 4460m. From there the trial goes up on the left side of the ridge. The way is well marked with stone men , sticks and even paintings on rocks. Just a bit before the summit is the hardest bit. About 5m scrambling in grade II. The climbing is easy but the rock is loose. Careful with people behind you.


about 4km west of the town Machachi starts the trail
places to stay in Machachi, we were allowed to stay at a local farmers place
Approach / Zustieg
first follow the obvious road to the basin, obvoius trail to the col and marked trail on the left of the ridge to the summit
Descent / Abstieg
same way down

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Bilder Cerro Corazon - 4782m - Machachi - Ecuador