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Apolobamba Trek - Cordillera Apolobamba - Bolivia

Mountains, Lakes, Glaciers and Pampas
Datum: August 2005
Höhe: up to 5150m
Länge: 4 to 6 days
Grad: strenous
Approach / Zustieg:
Material: tent, warm sleeping bag anc clothes, walking stick
Ausrichtung: all directions
Descent / Abstieg:
Führer: Footprint Bolivia or Trekking and climbing in The Andes

Beschreibung Apolobamba Trek - Cordillera Apolobamba - Bolivia

We met two Gringos with a guide on there way outjust before Curva. We asked them how it was. Long and hard, they said. What else? Long and hard, they said again.

Indeed it is a pretty hard trek. 5 passes in 5 days between 4700 and 5100m. Climbing and descending every time at least 500m. The high altidute does not make it any easier.

Long? 5 days is not too bad. Still possible without help of a burro. For us long were only the nights. Every afternoon the clouds move into the valleys from the Amazon. It gets cold, wet and windy. No fun to hang around outside of the tent. One goes into the warm sleeping bag just after dinner at around 4 PM. Furthermore are all excpet one campsites at the bottom of a valley going North to South. Meaning no sun early in the morning either. Another meal in the cold.

It is possible to get around that if you are willing to carry water with you to the top of the passes. Places to camp are all over. Nights might be colder but the sun hits you early.

There are shops in Sunchuli and Hilo Hilo selling sodas, cans and maybe even bred.


Starts either in Charazani or in Pelechuco
camping along the trek, basic hotels in Charazani and Pelechuco
Approach / Zustieg
from Charazani to Curva along the Cordillera to Hilo Hilo
Descent / Abstieg
Along the Cordillera to Pelechuco

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Bilder Apolobamba Trek - Cordillera Apolobamba - Bolivia