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What pops up in your mind when you hear Switzerland? Chocolate, Cheese, Mountains, maybe even "Grüezi"? Jope, this is all part of Switzerland but there is much more.

Getting in / Einreise

I`m Swiss, so I can not tell that much. Anyway, for most citizens is it easy and straight forward to get into Switzerland. There are many border crossing between Germany in the South, France in the West, Italy in the South and Austria in the East. There is also the Fürstentum Lichtenstein but there is no custom between Switzerland and Lichtenstein.
Said all that, this will change soon due to the Schengener Abkommen.
Major Airport is Zürich Kloten. Basel Moulhouse and Geneva are big too. www.swiss.com

Traveling and driving in the country / Reisen und Fahren im Land

Roads are in a very well condition. A Vignette (40 CHF a year) is needed to drive on the Freeways. Traffic jams are unfortunately common especially around cities during rush hours. Holiday season are bad too, especially A2 around the Gotthard and the A1 between Zürich and Bern. For more info about the traffic: www.tcs.ch

The public transport system in Switzerland is among the best in the world. There is hardly any place one is not able to get to. Trains, Buses and Ships are "always" on time. Even the trams and buses in the Cities. Foreigner might get some good deals for weekly or special tickets. For more info: www.sbb.ch

There are many cable trains and lifts in the mountains too. Some of those cable trains are very spectacular.

Leaving / Ausreise

Again, hard to say anything since I`m Swiss

Overnight / Übernachten

Rather expensive. There are many youth hostals so. Some are placed at very nice spots, www.youthhostel.ch.
Another very nice option are the SAC Huts in the mountains. However, most of theme are only accesible on foot. Place to sleep and Dinner and Lunch are included, www.sac-cas.ch


Tourist information can be found at many tourist places and at most large train stations.


For food Migros and Coop are a good option. Towns and Cities do have shopping streets. At some places there is a nice market on saturday morning with fresh fruits and veggies. Shopping Malls are mostly outside of the cities. However, all accesible by public transport.

Internet Access

Not many public places anymore. But there are many hotspots. Some Public Phones offer internet access too.

Comment / Bemerkungen

 Eating out is expensive in Switzerland. Self gattering is a much better option. Migros or Coop is a good place to get food.


mySwitzerland: www.myswitzerland.com
Books and Maps: www.pizbube.ch
Weather: www.meteoschweiz.ch
Phonebook: www.directories.ch
Camper Vans for rent: www.mobycampers.ch