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Argentina, 29.09.2005 - 05.03.2006

Argentina, believe it, is one of the cheapest countries in South America. A steak and a bottle of wine for less than 5 US$. It gets even better, camping is something every Argentinien knows about and there are campgrounds all over the country. Last but not least, there is Patagonia. Not only we are waiting to see this place!

Getting in / Einreise

We got into Argentina the first time from Bolivia at the border between Villazon and La Quiaca. People were very friendly and everything was easy and fast. No problems at all and nobody asked for any money. We got 90 days and the car got 9 months. Nobody asked to throw away any fruits, veggies and milk. We only had to fill out a form with all our electronical goods.

There are many border crossings between Argentina and Chile on our way south. We will add each with a headline.

Paso Huahum
No problems and everything went fast. Passport get stamped by the police. The paper for the car has to be done at the custom. Nobody asked for fruits or any other food. However, we had to show the insurance paper for the car. No way further without!!

Tierra del Fuego - San Sebastion
Entry stamp was easy again. Papers for the car get filled out by the custom directly on the computer. Many things were not correct even after printing the paper twice. The man said nobody cares anyway so let it be the way it is! Nobody asked for any food but it is still not allowed to bring any meat, fruits, vegetables or milk products.

Punto de Integration Austral - Routa 3, 67 km South Rio Gallegos
We got there around noon between Christmas and New Year. It was very busy and the people working their were not used to that many people as many people were not used to it either. One of the worst boarder crossing into Argentina so far. No problems with the paper work, just that the officials were stressed and than even those gringos with a foreign car!

No problems at all with the passports. Wanted to see the insurance paper for the car. Kept asking for the green card. After showing our papers to somebody else everything was fine. After all they are from the San Cirstobal, an Argentinean Insurance.

Traveling and driving in the country / Reisen und Fahren im Land

Get a good map or/and a GPS. The Map from YPF Gasstation is very good!

Many roadcheck in the north of the country. Always have your papers ready, including insurance papers! We got an insurance from www.gruposancristobal.com.ar/. Sometimes you are not allowed to bring some fruits and veggies with you at such controls. Better not to have much with you. No problems anymore south of Bariloche.

Leaving / Ausreise

There are many border crossings between Argentina and Chile on our way south. We will add each with a headline.

Paso Pino Hachado
People were very friendly and everything was easy and fast. No problems at all and nobody asked for any money.

Paso Cancha Carrera
A tiny border but the fastest legal way from El Calafte (Argentina) to Parque Nacional Torres del Paine. Exit stamp in the passport and giving back the paper of the car. That was it. Done in 5 minutes.

Tierra del Fuego - San Sebastion
We still had lots of meat with us so we spent a night just in front of the boarder at the sea. The police even came and wished us a good night. We left early next morning to avoid the crowd between Christmas and New Year. No problems at all. Just that there was no power.

Los Antiguos - Chile Chico
So far leaving a country was never a hassle and went fast. Guess there is no rule without an exception. We parked the car and went into the office. Stood there for about 10 minutes. Nobody said anything. I did not ask what is going on since it was obvious, they had problems with the computer. Anyway, we got tired of waiting and asked if we can leave without the computer. After a while they said yes but we had to show them all our papers more than once. They asked for insurance paper too. Even said they are not correct and wanted to make troubles. We just said we got in and left Argentina with this car many times already. Never had any problems. After 30 minutes we could finally leave Argentina with all that is needed.

Overnight / Übernachten

We are traveling with a camper. Therefore we don`t really need a campground. However, we recommend to stay on official campgrounds in Argentina. Just because it is much safer than anything else. Especially if you leave the camper alone during the day. However, camping wild is excepted and at many places and generally safe too. You can also park overnight at most gas station, just ask to make sure. Bathrooms and sometimes even showers are available too.


Tourist Informations all over the place.


Shops and markets all over the place. The people take their siesta very serios and many shops are closed between 1 pm and 5pm. Many shops are closed on Sundays as well

Internet Access

All over the place

Comment / Bemerkungen

Gas and diesel is cheaper in Patagonia. Seems like groceries are cheaper on the Tierre del Fuego as well.


Tourist Information: www.liveargentina.com
Parques Nacionales: www.parquesnacionales.com.ar
Links and much more: www.grippo.com.ar
English News: www.buenosairesherald.com
Maps: www.omnimap.com

09.10.2005   Besuche: 698
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  Parque Prov Copahue Caviahue is one old huge crater. Volcano Copahue is in fact since 2000 active again. Its beautiful blue crater lake at 2700m got unfortunately destroyed during the erruption. However, the area is still a very nice place. If you ...   » weiter

30.10.2005   Besuche: 602
  Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi Norte is famous for its seven lakes drive. Indeed are there many nice places to stop along the road from San Martin to Bariloche. If you have the time try to stay a night or two in one of the campgrounds. There are ...   » weiter

08.11.2005   Besuche: 503
  Monte Tronador with 3478m is the highest one in the Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi. It attracts many climbers during the season in summer. However, in low season it seems to be impossible to find a partner. The cost for a guide is outrages. Even ...   » weiter

10.11.2005   Besuche: 1046
  Do you like a quiet place and fishing? If so Lago Steffen is the place to go.

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24.11.2005   Besuche: 580
  We were waiting for 5 days to see the summit of Fitz Roy. Some may call us lucky, the waited much longer.

We never had a clear sky, there were always clouds. However, that is the way I wanted to have it. The area is famous for bad weather. ...   » weiter

30.11.2005   Besuche: 926
  Glacier Perito Moreno, one of the highlights of Patagonia if not from Argentina. Many people visit this place, hoping to see a big chunk falling into the water. Last year about 3000 people a day in high season. According to the Park Ranger it ...   » weiter

01.12.2005   Besuche: 2252
  Glacier Perito Moreno is a very popular place. Many people visit it every day. According to the park rangers that is the reason why they had to close the 3 campgrounds close to the glacier. What ever the reason was, after all we have to ...   » weiter

14.12.2005   Besuche: 1168
  Rio Grande is a laid back town and not many tourists end up there. If you like that stay there for while. You might end up being invited by the locals.

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22.12.2005   Besuche: 668
  The Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego protects the end of the Andes befor they sink into the ocean. At the same time it is the end of the Panamericana. A must stop for many travellers coming all the way from North America. For those this is kind of ...   » weiter

23.12.2005   Besuche: 901
  Ushuaia calls itself the end of the world, el fin del mundo. Many tourists believe so and it gets very crowded. Especially over Christmas and New Year. At this time the city is also at the upper end of the price scala. As the trips to the Antartica. ...   » weiter

24.12.2005   Besuche: 816
  The Estancia Harberton was founded in 1886 by Rev. Thomas Bridges. Farming was one thing but he also devoted his life to the Yamana people and compiled a dictionary of their language. His son, Lucas 1874 - 1949, even lived with the Yamana and Onas. ...   » weiter

26.12.2005   Besuche: 759
  There are many places on the Tierra del Fuego where one can camp. The Lago Yehuin was so special that we want to tell you about it. It was one of the best camping we have ever been. The scenery can not get any better. A lake with snow covered ...   » weiter

29.12.2005   Besuche: 735
  The Reserva protects the second biggest Magellan Pinguin Colony in Patagonia. It is a long way to get there from Rio Gallegos. It is even a dirt road but in OK condition. However, it is well worth the effort. Guess you can not get any closer to over ...   » weiter

29.12.2005   Besuche: 703
  The lighthouse got built in1903 to give navigators a geographic point together with the Chilean Lighthouse Punto Dungenes. Together the helped to find the Estrecho de Magellanes and to help not to strand on the dangerous Nassau rock.

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05.01.2006   Besuche: 825
  How lucky can one be? After being here for a week end of November 2005 with cold, windy and wet weather were our expectations rather low. We were prepared for everything but not for warm weather, blue sky and an alpenglow that is hard to imagine! ...   » weiter

11.01.2006   Besuche: 1474
  Parque Nacional Perito Moreno is far away from anything. The Ruta 40 is already a long nothing, however, the park is another 90 km from this road. Makes a total of 330 km to Perito Moreno, 540 km to El Calafate and 530 km from Puerto San Julian. Not ...   » weiter

16.01.2006   Besuche: 518
  The Cueava de los Manos are above the Rio Pinturas in a beautiful canyon. Over 800 hands can be seen on the rocks. Also guanacos, rheas and other geometrical forms. The paintings are between 9300 and 3000 years old and made by the Toldense people. ...   » weiter

20.01.2006   Besuche: 876
  The famous Ruta 40 stretches from the North to the South of the Argentinien mainland. The myth around this road is as huge as the road is long. However, the times for great adventures are running out. In the meantime many parts are paved and ...   » weiter

27.01.2006   Besuche: 2829
  Trains used to be a very important way to get around in whole America. Our days, the roads are at many places the only way to go. Thanks to tourism, some trains had a revival.

The Old Patagonia Express takes you from Esquel in the mountains ...   » weiter

28.01.2006   Besuche: 1176
  We have been in the area in November already. Unfortunately the weather was very bad and we decided not to go into the park. Despite the fact the other travellers told us it was an amazing beautiful and remote place. In January it is still a ...   » weiter

03.02.2006   Besuche: 952
  Fiesta Nacional del Salmon in the little village Camerones at the Atlantic Coast. Guess during the festival there are more visitors in the town than people living there. The place gets packed and there are lots of tents and campers all over. It was ...   » weiter

05.02.2006   Besuche: 800
  The Area Protegida Cabo dos Bahias protects a colony of Magellan Penguins. It is by far less touristy than the close by colony at Punta Tomba which protects the biggest colony of Magellan Penguins. However, it is a beautiful place and one can get ...   » weiter

08.02.2006   Besuche: 2622
  The famous Peninsula Valdez. In September to January Golfo Nuevo is one of the best places in the world to see right wales. Hundreds of them come to the bay to mate and give birth to their babies. For sure a spectacular place to be.

However, ...   » weiter

09.02.2006   Besuche: 655
  The Peninsula Valdez is not only a perfect place for whales for mating and their offsprings. Many Sea Elephants live around the island. They come on land for two reasons, first are the offsprings and second is the molting. Check out the slideshow ...   » weiter

10.02.2006   Besuche: 1049
  The Peninsula Valdez also hosts many Sea Lion colonies. Around September, the males arrive at the shore. They do not have any harem yet but they fight about their area. A bit after the females arrive and the fighting gets intends. Only the strongest ...   » weiter

28.02.2006   Besuche: 451
  We heard many things about Buenos Aires. It supposed to be very dangerous, beautiful, shopping paradise,expensive, big too.

One thing is for sure, Buenos Aires is big, over 13 million people live in and around the city. Dangerous? We felt ...   » weiter

28.02.2006   Besuche: 483
  Cementerio de la Recoleta is the main tourist attraction of Buenos Aires. Many of the elite of Argentina rest in kind of a little city in the city. The cementerio is full of buildings, some even more like a palace with many sculptures for loved ...   » weiter



01.03.2006   Besuche: 866
  Tigre, a town about 1 hour from Buenos Aires was hour home during the time in Buenos Aires. Thanks a lot to the Club Suizo for their hospitality. Tigre itself is a peaceful town during midweek. Mayn nice restaurants, awesome bakery and many places ...   » weiter