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Bolivia, 24.08.2005 - 29.09.2005

Bolivia, a country with its political problems. Seems like there is not a single year without major strikes and a president that has to resign. Hope it will change with the vote for a new president in December 2005. It is a shame that such a beautiful country does not get more tourists due to those political problems.

Getting in / Einreise

We got into Bolivia from Peru at the border between Yunguyo and Copacabana. People were very friendly and everything was easy and fast. No problems at all and nobody asked for any money. The only problem is that we got only 30 days for us. This can be extended in any bigger city in Bolivia for 25 US$. The car got 120 days without any problems.

Traveling and driving in the country / Reisen und Fahren im Land

Get a good map or/and a GPS. Good Maps are hard to find. Bring one from home!

We had no insurance for the car. Better not to drive at night. Careful on the paved roads, the people are not used to cars driving fast. Always have the phone number of your embassy on you. In case of an accident with injuries you might end up in jail.

Leaving / Ausreise

We left Bolivia at Villazon in the South to Argentina. We were 5 days over the allowed 30 days (car got 90 days). However, they did not bother about it and we got the exit stamp in the passport. According to the guidebook a fine of 10 Bolivianos per days has to be paid. We tried to get an exit stamp for the car too but nobody at the Bolivian side wanted to do anything with the paper. We still got it with no exit stamp for the car.

Overnight / Übernachten

We are traveling with a camper. Therefore we don`t really need a campground. However, we highly recommend to stay on official campgrounds in Bolivia if available. Just because it is much safer than anything else. Especially if you leave the camper alone during the day. We were able to stand at Motels and Hotels as well. Another option is asking the police or at firestations, normally they let you camp at their place as well. In remote areas ask if you can camp on the soccer field.


Tourist Informations all over the place.


Shops and markets all over the place

Internet Access

All over the place

Comment / Bemerkungen

The roads in Bolivia are not as bad as thought. The road from La Paz to Potosi is entirely paved. The all weather roads are in a good shape, except washboards. There is hardly any river crossing, bridges are in place.
The road tolls are not too bad. Always ask for a sheet with the prices! A bit a pain are the police controls. However, they are always friendly as long you are friendly too!


Bolivia: www.bolivia-tourism.com
Links and much more: www.boliviaweb.com
Bolivian Magazine: www.boliviangeographic.com
Maps: www.omnimap.com

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