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Peru, 21.06.2005 - 24.08.2006

Peru, another trekking and mountaineering paradise. But that is not all, Peru used the be the center of the Inca Empire. Today can you find several very impressive sites, not to mention Machu Picchu.

Getting in / Einreise

We got into Peru at the tiny border La Balsa (also see Ecuador). There is one building and the people tell you where to go. Stamping the passports went fast and was for free. They wanted to have a Carne de Passage for the car first, there is no other way they said! However, after 10 minutes there was suddenly another way with an official form and sticker. This was for free as well.

Traveling and driving in the country / Reisen und Fahren im Land

Get a good map or/and a GPS. Good Maps are hard to find. Bring one from home!

We had no insurance for the car. Better not to drive at night. Always have the phone number of your embassy on you. In case of an accident with injuries you might end up in jail.

Leaving / Ausreise

We left Peru towards Bolivia at the border between Yunguyo and Copacabana. People were very friendly and everything was easy and fast. No problems at all.

Overnight / Übernachten

We are traveling with a camper. Therefore we don`t really need a campground. However, we highly recommend to stay on official campgrounds in Peru if available. Just because it is much safer than anything else. Especially if you leave the camper alone during the day. We were able to stand at Motels and Hotels as well. Another option is asking the police or at firestations, normally they let you camp at their place as well. In remote areas ask if you can camp on the soccer field.


Tourist Informations all over the place.


Shops and markets all over the place

Internet Access

All over the place

Comment / Bemerkungen

Maps don`t always tell you the truth, especially not about the condition of the road. Be prepared an don`t count on many km a day. The main roads are generally in good condition. However, still many roads are not paved. The road tolls are very expensive!
Peru supposed to be a cheap country to travel. For us and other people we met it was the most expensive after the USA. The prices at the tourist places especially for accommodation are very high, even for camping. Remote areas are still cheap except the gas prices, about 3.5 US for a gallon. Another problem are the road taxes.


North Peru: www.perunorte.com
Huaraz: www.andenexplorer.com
Cusco: www.aboutcusco.com
More than Machu Picchu: www.machupicchu.org
Cultur Peru: www.perucultural.org.pe

23.06.2005   Besuche: 763
  Sometimes you get really lucky when you travel. In this case we got invited by the local police to visit a very special place. Thanks a lot to the police. Even a bigger thanks to the Incas. Rest in Peace!

23.06.2005   Besuche: 945
  The Sarcophagi of Karajia are very impressive. They are about 2.5m high and in the middle of a 50m wall. How did the Incas get them there? Why did the put their deads up there? We do not really know. However, that makes a place like that even more ...   » weiter

25.06.2005   Besuche: 919
  The Fortress of Kuelap supposed to be the second biggest handmade thing on earth. About 100000 stone were used, each between 100 to 200 kg. The wall is up to 17m high, about 560m long and 130m wide. Approximately 3000 people lived in the fortress. A ...   » weiter

27.06.2005   Besuche: 1046
  The Museo Leymebamba hosts the 200 mummies of the Laguna de los Condores. They were only found in 1996. In 1997 the archaeologists worked for about 2.5 months in the ruins. They brought all the mummies on foot, with a boat and with horses in 14 ...   » weiter

30.06.2005   Besuche: 1379
  About 700 years ago the Incas used to live at the Laguna de los Condores. A little Pueblo was above the Laguna. Not much is left of this village. However, they buried their death on the other side of the lake in the wall. Over 200 mummies were found ...   » weiter

05.08.2005   Besuche: 1108
  The Reserva Nacional de Paracas is often called the poor mans Galapagos. However, nothing is poor in the reserva. In fact the area is the most important area for birds and marine life in Peru. One can count on seeing thousands of bird fishing. You ...   » weiter

08.08.2005   Besuche: 2387
  The granite Monolyth of Saywite is unique in the kingdom of the Incas. It shows a part of the kingdom from the coast over the Andes to the Oriente. About 203 figures including animals like the Puma, Condor, Monkeys and others are shown. Important ...   » weiter



12.08.2005   Besuche: 783
  Cusco, I guess the most visited place in Peru. No wonder, Machu Picchu and many other ruins are close by. But the town is nice too, maybe even a bit too nice. It is Colonial City, even better, some of the old houses are build on top of the original ...   » weiter

13.08.2005   Besuche: 822
  Saqsayhuaman is close to Cusco and gets therefore many tourists. Try to be there early in the morning. The stonework of the Incas is amazing. Some of the granite rocks are 5m to 5m to 2.5m and 130 tonnes. Despite that and the different forms the ...   » weiter

14.08.2005   Besuche: 537
  The Valle Sagrado de los Incas. Supposed to be another highlight while visiting Peru. I guess we are spoiled already but we have seen much better. Still the people and the little village away from the ruins are nice to visit. The ruins are ...   » weiter

15.08.2005   Besuche: 1120
  Machu Picchu, for many people the highlight of Peru. At the same time it is the highlight of paying a lot. The train to Aguas Calientes is ridiculous expensive! Way over 100 US Dollar is normal. But there is an alternative. It takes a bit longer, ...   » weiter

18.08.2005   Besuche: 726
  Machu Picchu, for many people the highlight of Peru. Indeed it is a magical place. But it is really something you have to see?

Money is for sure an issue. It is a very expensive thing to do, even when taking the backdoor instead of the train ...   » weiter

24.08.2005   Besuche: 1013
  There is nothing alike on Pachamama! The Uros live on their selfmade floating islands. All the use are reeds. Not only to they use it for buidling their islands, they also use it for building their traditional boats, the artisania and last but not ...   » weiter