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Ecuador, 01.04.2005 - 21.06.2005

Ecuador, a trekking and mountaineering paradise. There are several volcanoes over 5000m some even around or above 6000. But Ecuador has much more than that. 3 total different environment give Ecuador a variety in Fauna and Flora that is hard to beat.

Getting in / Einreise

We flew into Ecuador to Quito from Costa Rica. No problems.

The camper arrived in Emeraldas from Ecuador. It took 3.5 days once the freighter left Puerto Caldera.

Getting the car was not too bad. Took a bit more than half a day. Best thing is, there is no need for a Carne the Passage anymore. Not for Ecuador and not for any other Country in South America. For more information please check out Esmeraldas from our page and www.horizonsunlimited.com.

Traveling and driving in the country / Reisen und Fahren im Land

Get a good map or/and a GPS. Good Maps are hard to find. Bring one from home!

We had no insurance for the car. Better not to drive at night. Careful on the paved roads, the people are not used to cars driving fast. Always have the phone number of your embassy on you. In case of an accident with injuries you might end up in jail.

Leaving / Ausreise

We left Ecuador at the remote border La Balsa between Zumba (Ecuador) and San Ignacio (Peru). The road from Vilcabamba (Ecuador) to Jaen (Peru) is a dirt road, sometimes even pretty rough. It was on the limit with our car. However, with a 4WD and high clearance is it no problem. The landscape is amazing and the people are very friendly. We drove from Vilcabamba to Zumba on the first day in about 5 hours. From Zumba to the border and further to San Ignacio is another story. It took us a whole day! Afterwards the road gets better again. It would not have been possible from Peru to Ecuador with our car!

They have never seen the new paper (instead Carne de Passage) for the car at the border, but they promised to figure out what to do with it.

Overnight / Übernachten

We are traveling with a camper. Therefore we don`t really need a campground. However, we highly recommend to stay on official campgrounds in Ecuador if available. Just because it is much safer than anything else. Especially if you leave the camper alone during the day. We were able to stand at Motels and Hotels as well. Just ask around.


Tourist Informations all over the place.


Shops and markets all over the place

Internet Access

All over the place

Comment / Bemerkungen

Careful in Quito in buses and other crowded places. Picket pocketing is as normal as going to the bathroom.
The main roads in the North are in an awesome condition. We are happy to pay the 1 US$ fee once in a while. It`s worth it! Further South are the roads a bit worse.
Drive very carefully! If involved in an accident as a foreigner will you be guilty in any case! Have the number of your embassy ready. If you are not willing to pay at once you might end up in jail!


Lots of information: www.discoveringecuador.com
More information: www.codeso.com/turismo01E.html
Maps of Ecuador: www.img.gov.ec

02.04.2005   Besuche: 1027
  Mutad del Mundo, the middle of the World lies only 13 km North of Quito. It is a touristy place, many restaurants and souvenir shops. But one can say I jumped several times over the Equator.

The big tower hosts a nice museum about Ecuador. ...   » weiter

03.04.2005   Besuche: 2334
  Templo del Sol is a spiritual place for many people. It is built on the Equator, the sun therefore is straight above the temple around noon. A good time and place to get energy from the sun.

We were lucky and had the chance to see some nice ...   » weiter

08.04.2005   Besuche: 939
  We heard many night mare stories about shipping a car/camper from Central America to South America. Stuff stolen, camper broken, not getting the car out of the port and many other things. No wonder that we were nervous. After all everything was much ...   » weiter



09.04.2005   Besuche: 789
  Quito, the capital of Ecuador and a pretty big town. Arriving by plane is for many tourists a shock already. Quito is on 2850 m above sea level. Next shock might be when your pocket is suddenly empty. Picket pocketing is big business in Quito. Be ...   » weiter

10.04.2005   Besuche: 776
  The Basilica is an impressive church, a bit above the old part of Quito. One can see its towers from many places in the town.

The best is, that the towers are open for public. One can climb two towers of the church. Especially the smaller on ...   » weiter



13.04.2005   Besuche: 694
  Banos is a pretty touristy town. But for a chance no only for foreigners. People from Ecuador like to visit the town too. Some wanna enjoy the hot springs but most locals come to Banos for the Basilica de Nuestra Senora de Agua Santa and its Holy ...   » weiter

16.04.2005   Besuche: 771
  Otavalo is famous for its Mercados. Every Saturday there are 3 different markets in the town. Most tourists just want to see the Mercado Artesanal. However, the Mercado de Mayo and the Mercado Animales is for the locals very important too.

...   » weiter

16.04.2005   Besuche: 850
  Otavalo is famous for its Mercados. Every Saturday there are 3 different markets in the town. Most tourists just want to see the Mercado Artesanal. However, the Mercado de Animales is very interesting too and well worth to get up before 7 in the ...   » weiter

21.04.2005   Besuche: 2725
  Hosteria de La Luna de Mojanda is a place to relax. Many people arriving here stay much longer than expected. There is a place to stay for everybody. Camping with tents or a camper is possible or you can stay in the dorm. Cooking facilities are ...   » weiter

05.06.2005   Besuche: 3090
  The Hacienda Santa Martha is an animal rescue center. Many of Ecuadors most exotic animals can be seen there. Most of them com from the black market, some from the circus or from privet homes where they were hold as pets when they were small. Only a ...   » weiter